Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Why haven't I posted in well over a month? I've been busy, alright? In fact, I'm still busy, so all you're getting is a summary. But don't worry. I'll make up for the lack of stories with a couple pictures.

I started the month of August with a women's mountain bike camp down in Dallas. It pretty much went like this: ride, eat, drink beer, sleep a little, repeat. We also sprinkled in some intense ping pong, launching cakes off teeter-totters, and a whirling dervish:

Then it was on up to Wisconsin for our annual sales meeting/dealer show. If you weren't there, it's tough to explain. If you were there, then I don't need to explain. In any case, it sure was good to see Matt:

And TJ and Ken:

And everyone else. Except the Beavers. Has anyone seen the Beavers?

I ended August with a bang at the family reunion in Branson. All I'm gonna say is this: I don't think our family is going to be invited back to that resort.

Cute Leetle Seester:

Livin' the High Life:

Out of control:

Cousin ... OWNED:

As much fun as all that was, it's good to be at home for a couple days. Even though my to-do list is seven miles long, I'm still making sure to get some quality time with some quality people:

Before I go, one last item. I received a comment on my last post from the infamous Melissa in Asheville requesting that I post this video of Becky having an intimate moment with Melissa's dog Dino. Since Melissa was such a gracious hostess while I was in Asheville, I feel obliged to go ahead and put it up. It's probably only funny if you know Becky, but then again, somebody getting humped by a huge dog is usually worth at least a chuckle. Make sure you can hear the sound:

And ... I'm out. I promise, better stories soon.


Becky said...

Just when I had gotten over that traumatic incident, you had to bring it all crashing back! I can't wash my hands enough!

G as in Chris said...

That is a really fabulous video!

And, it's going to be interesting when the beavers get here. THAT is a true statement!

(Do I win the prize for saying what you knew I'd say?)