Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boston Tea Party!

Sitting on the ground on the platform at the Amtrak station, I thought to myself, "Man I really feel like a hobo." Then I wondered, "Why do movies always show hobos at the train station?" I had just spent the morning in a furious rush to get to the station on time only to have to sit there and wait for a train that was running late. Soon enough, the train rolled in and I was on my way to Boston to see my old friend Kristin.

I had told Kristin I wanted to do some honky touristy stuff while I was there, so she graciously obliged me with a Duck Tour. It was definitely an easy way to see the highlights of the city and our driver was funny to boot. There weren't very many opportunities for cool pictures, but I did manage to snap one when our driver pointed out the Prudential Center, where Kristin and I were planning to go later on for drinks, dessert, and a cool view:

After our Duck Tour, we wandered around Boston a bit, doing some shopping and checking out a few of the points of interest from our tour. Then we headed back to the house to change and get ready for our venture to Top of the Hub:

If you ever find yourself in Boston for a night, Top of the Hub might be worth your time. And order the cookie plate. Because I said so.

We slept in the next morning and then headed out for dim sum. Or something. All I know is they didn't give us any forks, but my chopstick proficiency was surprisingly adequate considering I rarely eat Asian cuisine. Kristin, however, could kill a person with those things:

After we'd stuffed ourselves with various sorts of dumplings, we headed over to the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour. Of course, there were plenty of other places in Boston we could have toured, but this was the only one that offered three glasses of free beer. The tour was a lot shorter and a lot less intensive than I expected, but I was okay with that. That was just less time standing there to get my free beer. After the tour we managed to have a nice stroll in the Boston Public Garden:

Don't judge me. You can't walk past that statue and resist the urge to jump on it. By the time we finished walking around the garden, it had started to rain, so we sat down for some tasty dinner and beers and then decided to call it an early night at home. The next morning I bid Kristin farewell and hopped the train back to Baltimore.

And for the record, I didn't see a single hobo at any of the train stations.

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kwaller said...

South Station: Hobo free since . . .

Well, I suspect you just didn't look hard enough.

For hobos.

. . .

They're out there.