Friday, September 19, 2008

The Garden State.

I didn't have any events scheduled after the one in Baltimore, but I needed to spend some time getting ready for Interbike. Once again, I was faced with a choice: 

Choice A: Spend three days driving back to Arkansas, rush to get ready to fly to Interbike, have no time off, fly to Interbike, fly back to Arkansas, spend two more days driving back out east to Raleigh.

Choice B: Spend two hours driving to Chris's parents' house in southern New Jersey, take my sweet time getting ready for Interbike, have some time off, fly to Interbike from Philly, fly back to Philly, spend a day just hanging out, spend one day driving south to Raleigh. 

It was a pretty easy call. So, I've been in Jersey all week hanging out with Chris and her parents. Chris and and I got some bikes boxed up to send to Vegas and we got some other bikes built to put in our trailers. Plus, I got ALL of my laundry clean, including the massive pile that was in my cargo box. I got in plenty of laying around time and plenty of sleeping in time. You could say it's been a pretty good week. 

Of course, we had plenty of time for shenanigans, including a trip to nearby Atlantic City and a bike ride over to the boardwalk at Ocean City for some incredible pizza and tasty fudge:

Some people eat Power Bars on the bike, but we prefer Pumpkin Fudge. That's how we roll. Now we're both finishing our packing for our flight tomorrow for some scorching Sin City bike slingin' action. 


coolest sister ever said...

Umm.. I want some pumpkin fudge. Nice Atlantic City photo.

Brett Robinson said...

I totally think Ginger Ale is just sprite and apple juice mixed.

J. Rod the bikewhore said...

that is one sexy bike

igotem ____________ Kevin Cox said...

Yo, your header looks like you are sporting a stache and a wicked mullet, I had to take a second look to make sure I was at the right site.