Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bikes, Blobs, and Beer.

After my time in Virginia, I still didn't want to bust my ass getting home just so I could sit on my couch being worthless, so I went to Asheville, North Carolina because my coworker Tom said I could stay at his house for free. I figured, "Hey, it's a hell of lot less driving and I can just sit on his couch being worthless." Although I ended up not sitting around all that much. My arch nemesis Becky (yeah, the nasty broccoli lady) came to Asheville for a completely unrelated reason, but Tom and I still coerced her into going riding with us on Thursday:

After our ride we had some lunch and then it was time for me to drop Becky off at her other friend's house. I had originally planned on parting ways with her at that point, but that's when the trouble started. "Come up and have a beer," she said. Well, I'm sure you all know how quickly "a beer" can turn into "several beers." So I ended up hanging around for a little while. And I found this unbelievably enormous rabbit:

Pretty soon the afternoon had started winding down to early evening and well, I didn't have anything else to do, so why not keep the party going? Tom's house (where all my stuff was) is pretty far from Melissa's house, so I figured I would just take a shower there and surely I could find something I had in my spare clothes stash that I keep in my car to wear. Turns out, I didn't have as much in my stash as I thought I did, but I found something that would work:

No, really though. I put that on thinking it would be a quick funny joke and we'd all chuckle and everyone would like my pretty dress, but then I would go back and put on my usual jeans and a t-shirt. Not so much. The other two fools put on dresses too and off we went:

Of course, people stared at us, so Becky decided we needed some sort of reason to be all dressed up. This is what she came up with: "We're dead celebrities." At the time I was like, "Whatever," but now that I really think about it, wouldn't we also need a reason to be dressed as dead celebrities? Either way, people didn't seem to buy it.

As expected, Friday morning rolled around a little too soon for my liking. I'd slept at Melissa's house, so I got up and went back to Tom's place, hoping to get some stuff done. I didn't really get that much done, but at one point, I was driving back into town and this little silver car passed me and honked a lot. I looked over to see my long lost pal Nixon! Nixon spends half the year in S. Florida (where I first met him and coincidentally where Becky lives) and half the year in North Carolina. Nixon is not one to rely on communicating via cell phone, so he pulled off at the next turn and we had a brief moment of running toward each other with reckless abandon followed by making plans to meet up later.

And so we did. And he made me spill my beer by jabbing his finger in my armpit while someone was taking a picture of us:

The little festival we were at closed down, so our crew headed over to some other bar that was pretty much just a bunch of people standing around on a fire escape drinking. But it was a cool view and it was a nice night. On our way there, we passed a place making kettle corn. To me, this was unremarkable. To Becky, this was phenomenally exciting. I know. Who gets that excited over kettle corn? Becky does:

We were already pretty tired from the events of the previous day, so we made it a relatively early night. Then I finally got around to spending some quality time with Tom's couch over the weekend.

I couldn't leave Asheville without hanging out with Nixon some more, so I went to visit him at the summer camp where he works. "Why didn't you guys just go out on the town again?" you might be wondering. "Why not go ride and then go eat and drink?" Here's why:

And, for the record, we did go ride after that. And after that we ate and drank.


Laura said...

Dude- that is the biggest rabbit I've ever seen... Did you guys ever finish all that cheese??

kwaller said...

Ha! Fantastic.

That dress is super.

Sarah said...

That rabbit freaks me out. And not in a good way. But I bet he liked your dress.

Becky said...

I just came off a carb free diet, hence the excitement over carmel corn.

Chad said...

I agree with Kwaller that dress is super. The calves are looking great too. I was in FL last week and didn't see you anywhere. Now I know why. I should have went to NC ;-)

johnna said...

are you not wearing shoes? come on now. one month til you get to see me :] i bet youre ready to pee your pants...or dress.

Brett Robinson said...

Dude, is that the new top fuel you're sitting on? I don't know whats hotter; that bike or you in that dress. (There is no emoticon to describe the face I'm making right now)

Anonymous said...

Can you please post Becky & the dog(dino), please, I don't dress up for just anybody, although, thanks for posting nice pictures, them is some fabulous gowns...

Melissa- (the one in the CK silk)