Monday, March 10, 2008

Stupid Google.

I was all stoked to post some pictures of my family, my dog, and my weekend at Langerado, but no ... Google/Blogger is being a little bitch and not uploading my photos. Next time, I guess.

Anyway, my event in OKC was hella good. Not only were my friends and family in attendance, but we had over 100 women there, which is pretty damn good, especially for Oklahoma City. I'd like to show you some pictures, but we've already discussed why I can't.

So then I was home for one day this week, which I had originally planned on using for a day off. Not so much. I ended up with a to-do list a mile long and I only got about half of it done. Oh well. Then I took off for Florida again. I left my house later than I planned, as usual, so I had to book it to get down to the Everglades for Langerado, which was incredible. We had to endure thunderstorms, freakishly bitter cold (for S. Florida, anyway), and fire ants, but it was worth it. I don't have any pictures yet because we took all of them with Kellen's camera, but I promise to post them when he sends them. We got some hilarious videos too.

Highlights from the weekend include:

  • Meeting some super cool new friends around our campsite and hanging with them all weekend.
  • Eating the most delicious corn dog I've ever had.
  • Watching all the ridiculous things that go on at music festivals.
  • Incredible dancing.
  • Seeing some great music from STS9, Railroad Earth, Beastie Boys, The New MasterSounds, Thievery Corporation, and Disco Biscuits.
  • Seeing R.E.M.
I wasn't really all that excited about R.E.M. until we actually saw them. They put on a great show. They played a couple of their classic songs and then a couple off their upcoming album. I particularly liked their performance of a song called Houston off their new album, including Michael Stipe's introduction to the song where he said:
"I'm sick to death of being told by top politicians what I should be afraid of and what I should fear. I think I'm smart enough and old enough and experienced enough and wise enough to know what I should fear. And what I fear is politicians telling me what to fear. What I want is politicians who speak of hope."
It was pretty cool, I thought. Maybe you just had to be there. Or you could just watch the video someone took of it:

Anywho, I've been spending today just trying to get back to functioning like a normal human, or as close as I can get, anyway. I don't have any events until Wednesday night, so I'm hanging out down in Miami. I'm trying to get a lot done today so I can go paddle my boat tomorrow and take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Over and out.

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