Monday, March 03, 2008

Moving Right Along.

I had to leave San Antonio on Thursday, but first, we made time for a mountain bike ride. My pal Laura has always been pretty adventurous, so it would have been a shame not to go ride bikes together. All I have to say is that the trails were too confusing, but I had a great time anyway. If you want details, Laura has summed up the morning quite nicely here. I will go ahead and post my two favorite pictures from the morning's festivities.

Laura knows what's up and has the same camera that I do. So I showed her how to use the self-timer on hers. You should have seen me haulin' ass up those stairs after I pushed the button on the camera.

I learned the hard way that if you go down a hot slide headfirst, you'll burn your tummy.

So then I had to leave my borrowed family behind and make my way to Austin for work. I have a lot to say about that, but this is not an appropriate forum for that discussion. A friend of mine (Jodie) who I met last year through another friend (Julie) let me stay at her place in Austin, so that was a pretty good bonus. Jodie is one of very few people I know who likes to read as much as I do. Plus, she took me to Homeslice, which I was pretty stoked about. The great thing about Jodie is how our effortless friendship fits in perfectly with my laziness.

Those of you who have been following along the last few weeks might remember mention of my day at the Sea Food Festival with Kellen. He finally sent me some pictures.

While we were enjoying some delicious crab cakes, this drunk guy came and sat by us and kept offering us some of his crawfish. Then he didn't know how to eat the crawfish, so some lady had to show him. Then he offered us his crawfish again. It was funny, but annoying. That's him next to me .

We saw this sign on the way back to the car. Actually, this yard had two of them. I resisted the urge to take one even though it would have looked really sweet on the door of my trailer.

The festival was supposed to be closed for the night, but we found this petting zoo and couldn't help ourselves. Here's Kellen molesting a chicken.

Well, kids, I'm in the midst of a pretty busy week, so I should really get to sleep now. I'm pretty excited about my event tomorrow night because MY MOM is coming. Also, MY DAD and MY SISTERS are coming. I love MY MOM and MY DAD and MY SISTERS. I've also got a few really good friends from my high school days coming. I've got to be sure I don't screw this up. Don't worry. I'm sure there will be some hilarity either way and I'm sure you'll hear about it.

Oh, and Chris, I see you're throwing down the gauntlet here, with your two posts in two days. But I know you. This is a fluke. Your relentless blogging will not last. I was flattered you mentioned my voicemail though.

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Sarah said...

After all those times you tried to get me to go riding with you, or running, or swimming... Glad to know you were able to convince Laura.