Sunday, March 16, 2008

Party On!

Okay. I've cooled off a bit since my little "incident" with the rude lady in Miami. I had to work this week, so I really don't have that much exciting stuff to report. Kellen did send me a few photos and videos from Langerado, but I'm still having technical difficulties, so I'm only posting a couple:

The above photo was taken during my incredible dancing time. I've already told several of you the "incredible dancer" story, but for those of you who haven't heard it, this is how the conversation went:

ME: I like your dancing!


ME: Do you like mine?


ME: I know. I'm an incredible dancer!

I know. I'm ridiculous. I have no credible excuse. Here's a video of some of the incredible dancing (it's toward the end and you can't see it all that well, but whatev):

I recall feeling like I was doing a damn good job at dancing and being very concerned about getting the magic on record.

If you couldn't tell I was a) pretty stoked to be there and b) quite intoxicated.

I also got this sweet video from the Sound Tribe show. It was pretty intense to have some killer music, a wicked sweet light show, and an impending severe storm all at the same time:

Anywho, sorry I don't have a lot to write about. I've been working my ass off the last five days and I was fortunate enough to squeeze in two really good mountain bike rides, so I'm pretty spent. Don't worry though, I'm getting to hang with one of the best members of my crew this week. My friend Maggie hopped a plane from Wisconsin to come spend her Spring Break with me this week, so stay tuned for the hilarity.


kwaller said...

Your life is AWESOME.

G as in Chris said...

We can't see jack on that video. I had high hopes for seeing Incredible Dancer. I'm crushed.