Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eat Me.

New "Foods" I've Tried Lately (some delightful, others not so much):
1. Fried Lemon ... surprisingly delightful.
2. Braunschweiger ... also known as "liver sausage." I didn't know about this alternate description when someone told me it was delicious. So I tried it. Then they told me what it was made of (liver, milk, and eggs). Then I was unhappy that it was in my mouth. It most closely resembles cat food. Not so delightful.
3. Pumpkin Ale ... I've actually had this from two different breweries. One was amazingly delightful, the other, not so much.
4. Fish Tacos ... stop laughing. These were made with swordfish. Delightful.
5. Cheese Curds ... made of magic and happiness held together by algebra. They squeak against your teeth when you chew them and it's neat! Also delicious fried. Very Delightful.
6. Skate Wing ... I was tricked into eating this. They told me it was "just a kind of fish." It looked like a huge ear on the plate, but I ate it anyway. It was tasty and delightful. But then I made the mistake of looking this thing up on the information superhighway. I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw it. I had nightmares last night. I'm still a little queasy this morning. I mean, seriously ... look at this thing!

Not so delightful.


Sarah said...

I ate Outback Cheese Fries for supper last night-- which I am always sorry about later. But it doesn't stop me.

Dave Zabriskie said...

And people think we eat wierd stuff down here in the south.