Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Mad As Hell ...

... And I'm not gonna take it anymore. This is different than the rollerbladers or CP2. Those people are just irritating. This is not irritation. This is severe blinding rage.

I've always been pretty happy with Arvest, but Arvest does not exist here. I figured long distance banking would be much like long distance relationships. A lot of unnecessary hassle and inconvenience. So I opened an account with Park Bank. I chose this bank because they have 11 locations in the Madison area and one of these locations happens to be right between my house and my office.This bank was a mistake.When I set up my account, my paycheck still had my Arkansas address on it since I was still living at StudioPlus when I filled out my payroll paperwork. The guuy at the bank needed something with my Madison address printed on it. I told him I had changed my address at work and so my next paycheck would have my address, which I would bring in on Friday. Good enough. So that Friday, I go in to deposit my check and I tell the teller to please make a copy of it and give it to Tim. Seems easy enough. Apparently not.

Tim calls me on the following Tuesday reminding me that I need to bring in proof of address. I tell him I did that on Friday. He apologizes and says he'll find it. About a week later, he calls again telling me they can't find the copy and that I need to have them make a copy of my next paycheck that I deposit. Fine. Stuff happens. Stuff gets lost. Whatever.So the following Friday was the Bike Fed party, so I didn't make it to the bank to deposit my check. I also didn't make it the following Friday (I get paid weekly) because Beer Friday got out of hand. So I go to the bank on Monday. I prefer to go into the lobby, but the doors are locked. I look at the hours, and this godforsaken place closes the lobby at 5. What the hell? So I go through the drive thru. I am the only car in the drive thru. I tell the lady that I need her to look up my account number and that I need her to make a copy of one of the checks and give it to Tim. She bluntly informs me that I should conduct transactions like this in the lobby. What the hell lady? Your shitty lobby closes at 5! And besides, it's not like there are people waiting. So she says she'll take care of it this time. How gracious.So I thought everything was cool.

But nooo .... On Tuesday, the HR guy comes by and says, "Hey, just a heads up, Park Bank called to verify your employment." I tell him that's cool. But no, nothing involving Park Bank is cool. Yesterday I went to a bike shop to get some parts swapped from one wheel to another wheel. The charge was five bucks. So I give him my debit card, and it's DECLINED. Maybe it's just a freak deal. So I go to get gas and guess what? DECLINED. So I come home and sign on to my account and they've put a hold on my account! So I call the bank today and the person says they are still waiting for verification of my address! I resisted the urge to tell this person how fucking ridiculous this is. I ask to speak with Tim, who put the hold on my account, but he wasn't available.

Park Bank has succeeding in offering the crappiest, most inconvenient banking experience possible. I'm having trouble understanding how they can suck so much. They've proven their inability to handle anything well by failing to get this copy in the right hands not once, but twice. They know I'm a real person and not just some transient since they called to check my employment. And regardless, it's my money! It's not like I'm wanting a loan or anything. I can't believe they're punishing me for their sheer lack of competence. They are clearly not capable of handling my three hundred dollars and I will let them know this by taking my three hundred dollars elsewhere. That'll show em.


Thoughts Out Loud said...

AGHHH! This would make me so mad, too, Ross. As a former bank teller, I can tell you that this should not happen. Obviously! :) They should do everything in their power to make you happy after their first mistake, not continue to make the same mistake. I'd definitely leave that bank!! Get 'em girl :)

Floyd Landis said...

Unless you are president, VP or a loan officer; banks pay scales are crap. Sometimes it shows. Sorry Champ that's a real hassle.