Saturday, February 24, 2007


I'm sorry.

My blogging has gone to shit. I've left all of you hangin. I disappeared with no warning or explanation whatsoever. I have no excuse.

Remember when we were kids playing games in the street? Remember when something weird happened and screwed up the game and there was no rule for it? What did we do? We called a do-over. That's what I'm doing. DO-OVER!

I was going to start a whole new blog, but that would be a lot of work. Instead I just deleted all but the very best postings.

Some of you have managed to stay in the oddly misshapen loop of my life. You know where I am and what I've been doing with my time. Some of you are only vaguely aware of what's going on. Others may have no clue whatsoever. So here's a quick recap of recent events:

I managed to snag a job that is way cooler than sitting in a cube taking phone calls all day, so after three months in Wisconsin, I moved back to Arkansas in January. I spent about a month working from the luxurious comfort of my couch. I spent all of last week working in southern Florida. I'm home for the next five days.

A few other details on my life so far in 2007:
  • I've ridden my bike a couple times.
  • I went home to see my parents.
  • I conquered the Wii.
  • I saw some alligators.
  • They were not wearing space helmets (that was for Robin).
  • I had glorious reunions with good friends.
  • I unpacked about half of my stuff.
  • I saw Smokin' Aces and thought it was awesome.
  • I didn't go eat wings with Chad because he didn't call me.
  • I found a rather inappropriate object in my luggage and am currently calculating how I will exact my revenge on the person who put it there.
  • I turned 24.

And, since Sarah claims that "pictures are substance," a few snapshots:


Chad said...

Sorry I didn't call. I have quit calling all my buds. I'm have become a terrible friend since I had to get a real job. I have no excuse and should be.....I don't know what. But I'm sorry. We should go for a ride. You can see my sweet new WH-7801's and Ti skewers. I did call you last Sunday, but you didn't answer. I don't blame you. I'm terrible. I think that even Ben doesn't like me anymore.
You just turned twenty four? I did that forever ago. What took you so long?
And I'm not sure what's going on in the bottom picture, but I'm glad the bush broke your fall. It looks like alcohol might have been involved.

Angie said...

So...was the last picture intentional--"Hey guys, let's go bush-diving!!!" or unintentional--"Oh crap, I fell in a bush."

Thank goodness you're back!!! I've checked your blog everyday, with a lack of hope, and then was devestated when there was nothing new.

Come to Stillwater with you job. Much better than Florida!

Johnna said...

The bushes still have your body print. You forgot to add :ditched my sister's pig show. to your list hmpff. your dog misses you, but she still loves me more. see you this week, i think.

Leah said...

You don't know how to blog, you sorry excuse for a blogger! I've seen thousands of blogs, and none are as bad as this!
(How's that for heckling? Ha!)

Laura said...

That picture of you in the bush just made me almost fall out of my chair laughing...