Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I learn something new everyday.

A few things this week have become painfully clear to me:
  • There is a huge difference between Anderson Street and Anderson Road in DeForest, Wisconsin. If you don't specify the right one, Google Maps will send you to some random house instead of the trailer place.

  • Just because someone is wearing an orange Home Depot apron doesn't necessarily mean he can actually help you find something.

  • The Volkswagen Touareg is smarter than I am.

  • If a fat unpleasant state trooper is blocking the exit you need, it's perfectly okay to make an otherwise illegal u-turn on the interstate. In fact, this is advisable.

  • Rock climbing will make your entire body incredibly sore. It is also more important to know the lingo and to have the coolest gear than it is to actually know how to climb.

  • Driving a forklift is harder than it looks.

  • Not everyone understands Daylight Savings Time, especially the change that was made this year. Most notably, my cell phone does not understand this, which is a huge pain in my ass.


Anonymous said...

Just give you cell phone to the VW and it'll fix it for you.
I miss my forklift. It was the nicest forklift ever. Multi-port electronic propane injected, 55hp, 3 stage mast, power steering,two headlights and a cup holder.
Tell us more about the trooper.

Angie said...

Wait a second...let me get this straight. My phone, which is at least 4 years old, has been dropped onto concrete surfaces at least 56 times in it's life, and was free, figured out the time change. Your phone, brand new, pretty, cool in that it doesn't allow boys to type on it, and I'm assuming hasn't been dropped often, didn't figure it out?? Weird.

By the way, I learned this year that the proper phrase is Daylight Saving Time (without the S on the end of saving), instead of Daylight SavingS time. Which sounds ridics when you say it out loud, but apparently is right. Double weird. Tell me if you find out otherwise.

Laura said...

Geez- that's one enlightening week...

And I want to drive a forklift!