Monday, April 21, 2008

Last week was an excellent week. I didn't have any events, but driving home just to turn around and head right back east seemed like a hell of a lot of time in the car and not very much fun. So I wandered over to Tennessee to hang out with some old friends for a few days. Wednesday was Kellen's birthday and he just happened to be in Tennessee too. And guess who else just happened to be in Tennessee? Widespread Panic. Yeah:

Before Incredible Dancing

After Incredible Dancing

It was a pretty fun show. The next day Kellen and I parted ways. He was heading down to Orange Beach to see ... three more Panic shows. You could say Kellen likes Panic. I had to make my way eastward for some events this weekend, but not before stopping in Knoxville Thursday night to see Galactic (again) and then Perpetual Groove. It's not like me to go to shows by myself, but two bands I really dig just happened to be playing on the same night in the same city and I found myself thinking, "I can't pass this up."

So Galactic was first. Not long after they started playing, I noticed this guy:

Not really the kind of person I would expect to see in the middle of a Galactic show, but hey, he seemed to like it, so more power to him. He was a surprisingly agile dancer for someone walking around with a cane.

Toward the end of the show, I was getting all excited and having a great time when I saw this little dude out of the corner of my eye:

I was over-stimulated. Beside myself. So excited. Holy crap! A sweet ass Galactic show AND a cute puppy! That show ended pretty early, but luckily I found some people who were also going to Perpetual Groove, so we had some beers and did a happy walk over to the next venue. Pgroove is one of my favorite bands, so I was stoked to be at that show. Okay, so I was stoked to be at all of the shows, but I was more stoked for Pgroove. That show was everything I hoped it would be. As far as the music goes. The light show was sub-par, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

So, after FOUR (Galactic opened for Panic) great shows in two days, I shouldn't complain, but I will. My back is KILLING ME. Seriously. This shouldn't be happening. Getting out of bed hurts. Putting on clothes hurts. Driving my car hurts. I'm pissed off about it because I had today off, for the most part, and I was planning on riding on some of the sweetest trails around in the Pisgah National Forest. It was going to be so awesome. But there is no way my ass is getting on a bike feeling like this.

Oh well. I guess I'll just lay here eating my flan (God bless those Mexicans and their weird yet delicious dessert) and watching Family Guy.


kwaller said...

Those French-braided pigtails are pretty awesome, yo.

johnna said...

ewewew flan!

Sarah said...

All that incredible dancing is bad for your health. Or at least your back.