Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Being Fabulous.

So, I had resolved to start blogging more often just to spite my nemesis Chris. Then today I realized that it's been 20 days since my last post. Clearly I have no resolve. I really don't even have a good excuse for not posting. I have been busy, but not that busy. I have had plenty of things to post about. I'm just a slacker lately, I guess.

I was home for a little while between trips to Florida, but winter sucks, so I left a few days early this time around to get my time in the sun. I met up with my pal Andy in Panama City, Florida to do a little paddling. Andy used to be a military kinda guy, so we went to Tyndall Air Force Base and paddled from there (after eating delicious grouper sandwiches). We paddled to this island and then got out and walked around a bit. I've been to the beach numerous times in the past year, so you'd think the novelty would have worn off by now, but I'm still absolutely fascinated by the ocean every single time. This beach was exceptionally pretty.

There's this huge pile of crap that people keep adding more crap to and it has turned into this:

It reminds me of something you'd see at Burning Man. Which, by the way, I plan on going to one of these days.

The next day I cruised on down to Tampa to meet up with Kellen for a seafood festival. Kellen and I are both incredibly stupid sometimes, so we ended up stuck in traffic for several hours. Long story. At least we had some Girl Scout Cookies to keep us happy. And besides, Kellen's the kind of friend that I could be anywhere with and still be having fun.

We took some pictures at the festival and there are stories to go along with them, but Kellen is also a slacker and hasn't sent them to me yet. I do have this one though, of this truck we were behind in traffic for awhile:

It's really an entire package deal, with the stickers and all, but my favorite part is the light taped to the license plate. See it there, at the bottom, held on with duct tape? Classy.

Well, I've got more stories and more pictures, but I need to get some work done and get over to San Antonio so I can party with Sarah's family. But don't worry. I'm going to get back on track and blog more than Chris ever dreamed of blogging. I promise.


Johnna said...

im driving back to the city just to see you. you better feel loved. ive been riding the bikes at the gym so i can have legs of steel like yours.. i dont think im ever going to get there..

Sarah said...

Are you behaving at my house?

Anonymous said...

All I have to ask you is......
Did you ride the scooters in Panama City?? Just once, for old time sake........Did you?
Love you too!