Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The last week has been nothing short of fabulous. Danger got to join me at my second to last demo for the year. She got to hang out in the trailer and get petted a lot. Although I think she was a little pissed off when I put a t-shirt on her:

Then of course, there was Thanksgiving with the family. As usual, we drank a lot and made asses of ourselves. I found these football pads. They were a little small, but they did the trick. I was impervious to attacks:

The day after Thanksgiving, I drove up to Madison to hang out with my pals here. I always know it's going to be a good weekend when I check into the Hotel Fossen (Heath and Heidi's house). The weekend consisted of the following:
  • Hella good food, courtesy of Heidi
  • Plenty of booze
  • Approximately 7 hours of The Sopranos on DVD
  • A couple hours of climbing with Julie and Heath
  • Plenty of sleeping
  • Surprisingly pleasant Old Navy bargain hunting
  • Beer at the Dane with a fun crew
  • Riding bikes
  • Cramped quads and frozen toes
  • More booze
  • Delicious Tacos
  • Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps
I know. Another list. I'm too lazy right now to really write anything. I'll make up for it later this week. Here. I took some pictures. Pictures are substance!

17 miles, 40 degrees, 7 weirdos

Julie rockin' the singlespeed

I stole Heidi's sweet ass Surly to go to lunch with Julie. Check out my sweet Party Bars!

Alright. I gotta wrap this up. I need to get on the road and head home. One more demo this weekend and then I've got roughly a month of sitting around trying not to get too fat.


Anonymous said...

Mmm .... Tacos and Schnapps.

Anonymous said...

Danger looks pissed. We miss you in Big D, come visit and we can get our nails done and go shopping!!

Julie said...

Ross I told you we look like twins! Good on ya for getting your newest adventures posted so quickly. I had heaps of fun climbing and riding around on our Tour of Wisconsin. P.S. I saw you running...you can't fool me anymore with that "I'm lazy" BS.

Becky said...

Is that BreadCake wine in your glass?

johnna said...

your poor dog. i feel so bad for her. she must hate you now. i bet she misses me. nice football pads.

G as in Chris said...

Julie, she was probably running to the liquor store.

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